IT Trends in 2021

processor chip on a printed circuit board in red backlight. 3d illustration on the topic of technology and the power of artificial intelligence.

In today’s IT world, where every minute detail is vital for companies to stay ahead, an MSP refers to an IT Services company which coordinates and administers (manages) all or a part of a company’s IT networks and systems. The range of services MSPs offer can range from being solely responsible for ensuring that your… Continue reading IT Trends in 2021

What Are the Important Skills Technicians Must Have

IT support specialists are a skilled user support specialist with an extensive background in software and computer-related technologies. In this role, these individuals are typically responsible for assisting users in overcoming any technical difficulties they might experience. An individual working in the IT support field will often work on a team basis, as resolving problems… Continue reading What Are the Important Skills Technicians Must Have